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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Samurai Beef Burger@McDonald's

Have you tried the latest product of McDonald's? The mighty taste of Japan: Samurai Beef Burger, Sakura McFizz and Katsu Curry McShaker~! ❤

Well, there is a funny story of mine to try this new product. I must say this new product is really very popular at Kluang because it is always out of stock~! @@

The first time I went to try at around 10.30pm, the staff said no more Samurai Beef Burger but only left Sakura McFizz and Katsu Curry McShaker :( No choice, we only could order Ayam Goreng and changed our drinks and fries to the new one.

The Katsu Curry McShaker Fries is actually normal fries mix with the curry powder. The instruction of mix and shake the fries is printed on the paper bag of fries. It is fun to shake the fries ! :) I love the flavor of the Katsu Curry, just a little bit too salty. 

And for the Sakura McFizz, it is actually a refreshing fusion of Ribena and Sprite~ Hmm.. Not bad :)

Okay, that was my first time trying. For the second time I ordered, I was told that there was no more McFizz and McShaker but yes, the Samura Beef Burger got stock! Gosh, I finally can taste the new burger but I can't have the full set!!! It was actually very disappointing but fortunately I still had the beef burger ><

I didn't really enjoy my first bite of Samura Beef Burger as I found the taste of the beef is too strong. However, the more I ate, I found it was really taste good! Haha~ the beef is dipped in sweet Teriyaki sauce with fresh lettuce. It is very juicy and I like it so much! ^^ ❤
You must try it now cuz it is just for a limited time! Get your Samurai Beef Burger set at any McD outlet now! Enjoy~! ❤ ^^

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Empayar Seremban Siew Pow芙蓉烧包城@Seremban

I bet all of you sure know about the famous Siew Pow in Seremban "芙蓉烧包" but I'm going to introduce the seafood there! :)

Well, when you pass by the highway of Seremban, u sure will spot the big advertisement of Empayar Seremban Siew Pow and Kirin Ebi Prawn '麒麟虾'.

Kirin Ebi Prawn is the signature prawn there, which is famous of its fresh sweetness. The seafood there is very fresh where you can see- they are still in the water~! ^^

For the Kirin Ebi Prawn, we ordered the Steamed Tiger Prawns白酌虾. The prawn is really very sweet, you can just simply taste it with soy sauce! Yumm... 

 RM21.00 (Small)

Besides prawns, you surely cannot miss to order crab!! We chose King of Roasted Crabs'烧蚧之王' and that was real nice! The crabs were really really fresh and yummy. :)


However, we were very disappointed with its Lala with soup'上汤啦啦'. The soup got no taste, feel like drinking the plain water ==
RM17.00 (Regular)

Overall, we were quite enjoy and satisfied with the food. You must try once for fresh seafood! And of course, don't forget to buy some Seremban Siew Pow! :)

Empayar Seremban Siew Pow
LG1-57, Tingkat Bawah Tanah
Pasar Besar Negeri Seremban
Jalan Besar TBK 4
Tmn Bukit Kepayang, 70200 Seremban.
Tel : 06-601 6308/601 6309


Craving for Bah Kut Teh at Kluang? Then u should try the popular one at Kluang 金福肉骨茶~!

The reason why we love to go there is because the price is quite cheap and reasonable, the food is fast to be served and of course the taste is good too. =)

The price for one people portion Bah Kut Teh is RM6.00.
'Yam rice'芋头饭is RM0.80 per bowl.
Add 金针菇 - RM3.00
Add 'you zha guai'油条 - RM3.00

It is situated at Jalan Kampung Paya, Kluang. Do try it out! ^^

Monday, September 17, 2012

La Gourmet Desserts 乜都撈@Johor Bahru

My Favourite Taste is back again after so long long time~~~ =)
If you are a super follower of Facebook, you should know there is a a dessert restaurant at JB which is famous of their super high 'Mango Ice Mountain' and  'La Gourment Loh'. Ok, do not drop saliva first, let me introduce what is the special of this restaurant.

When we arrived the shop, it was fully packed and there were lots of people still in waiting list. U can tell how famous of this restaurant is and the power of Facebook!

I think we waited for around half an hour only got our seats and without much delay, we just ordered one of the signature dessert there which is La Gourment Loh.

We were so excited about it and thank god it didn't disappoint us when the dessert was served.

As u can see, it is fulled of fruits~~!! Strawberries, kiwi, longan, mango and ice-cream on top! =) I bet all of you sure will love this. I must say that this is real nice and yummy~! The ice is covered all by those lovely fruits and it is quite big portion. There were four of us and we could hardly finish it.

This costs us RM25.90 and we find it still reasonable. However, it is confirmed that starting next month, they will rise the price to RM35.90~!! Well, I must be thankful that I went to eat already and I'm not too sure whether I will still go for this after rising price cuz it is a bit expensive after all.

手工甜品 ~乜都捞 100% 纯天然水果 
• Hand-made Desserts ~ La Gourmet Loh 100% Natural Fruits .
(Picture taken from La Gourmet Desserts 乜都撈)

Besides, the other signature is Mango Ice Mountain, we did not try that and the photos below were all taken from the official Facebook of La Gourmet Desserts 乜都撈. 

Wondering how to eat that? Well, the waiter will 'cut' the ice and place on your bowl~ Is this awesome? =)

手工甜品 ~草莓芒果捞 100% 纯天然水果
 • Hand-made Desserts ~ strawberry mango loh . 100% Natural Fruits

Overall, we enjoy the dessert although the long long queue... 
If you still want to get the price of RM25.90 for both the signature ice, then u better be fast! 
If you know Plaza Pelangi, then you sure can find this place easily, it is one the shop lot behind the Menara Pelangi. 

La Gourmet Desserts 乜都撈
No 11, Jalan Kuning 2,
Taman Pelangi,
Johor Bahru.
07-338 3237
1.00-5.00pm, 7.00-11.45pm
Closed on every Wednesday.


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