Friday, November 26, 2010

Kokopelli Travelers Bistro@ Section 14, PJ

It’s NFT’s birthday~!! Wow, I can’t believe I know her for one year plus already..I still remember we celebrated her last birthday at Brisik.

She always wanted to try Kokopelli and since it was her birthday, we went there as her wish. =)

We are welcomed by the artistic design and it did impress me.

The menu is very simple, few A4 papers with a cutie clip. No picture attached but clear definition of each item.

Before introducing their food, let’s look at the interior of Kokopelli…

I just simply love those small and cute decorations around the restaurant~!

Besides, I really love their creative design, especially the outdoor seats.

It’s time for us to crave for the food! Let me introduce it one by one ^^

Okay, drinks 1st…..

Orange Juice@ RM7.90

Cappuccino@ RM6.90

Iced Chocolate with Whipped Cream@ RM7.90

Come Fly With Me@ RM7.90
- Lime & Lemon Fizz top with Monin Syrup

Young Coconut@ RM7.90

The drinks are all very nice, and I love the Iced Chocolate most!

Food now!

Roast Chicken – Mushroom Sauce@ RM25.90
- Served with mashed potatoes & vegetables of the day

Roast Chicken – Kokopelli Black Pepper Sauce@ RM25.90

Chicken Chop - Kokopelli Black Pepper Sauce@ RM20.90

Chicken Chop - Mushroom Sauce@ RM20.90

Crumbed Butterfish@ RM29.90
- Golden potatoes, Asian vegetables & BBQ sauce (traces of nuts)

Seafood Carbonara@ RM20.90
- Served with mussels, prawns & calamaries

Seafood Linguine Aglio Olio
- Served with mussels, prawns, calamaries & chilli flakes

Overall, we really satisfied the taste of the food. They were really tasted good! Besides western food, it does serve some local food like Char Kuey Teow and Laksa but we did not try.

I personally strongly recommend this restaurant for the food and environment.

Happy Birthday to Feng Ting~!! And thx our boss for the treat =)

Kokopelli Travellers Bistro
(opposite 32 Square)
4, Section 14/46
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Closed on Mondays
03 79567505

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