Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sate Kajang HJ. Samuri

Kajang, is definitely a place famous of satay. It so happened that I went to Kajang for a dance workshop and have a chance to taste its sate again~ ^^

‘kacang sauce’
The sauce is nice but I find it a little bit too sweet..

I love this sambal but it’s juz a bit too oily.. >.< Cucumber + ketupat

The condiments that u can’t lack of when u are having satay~

Wohoo!!! Beef n chicken satay @RM0.60 each

Nasi Goreng Ayam @RM4.00

Nasi Goreng Pattaya @RM4.50

I would say that only the satay is nice…Both fried rice are really not nice at all…=.=
So, it’s better juz go there n taste its satay ^^

‘Taste the real Kajang satay’

Go and try Kajang Satay!! If u think that Kajang is too far, I juz found out recently that there is another branch at Taipan, Subang but I nvr try b4. I think it should be the same taste =)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Station One

As just moved to new house n not install any internet connection yet, I always go to Station One to use its Wifi. ^^

Wulong Tea – Hot @RM1.30

My favorite Wulong Tea, always go there and order this one cuz it's cheap =p

Red Bean Passion @RM7.50
I like this~~


Not really like this..It supposes to be green apple blended smoothies but the ice is completely no taste..=.= u can see that the ice is just 'ice'...

Banana Milk Shake@RM7.50

This is quite nice..not bad ^^

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Chicken Rice Shop

This is my 1st time stepped in The Chicken Rice Shop although I passed through many many many times. ^p^

As we just wanted to cram ourselves with food, we just chose the set for 1 pax @RM9.90 to share. The set comes with Grilled Butter Chicken (small), Ipoh Bean Sprouts (small), 1 bowl of rice, Soup of the Day and 1 Iced Lemon Tea or Orange Delight. As there are 2 of us, we added on another one bowl of rice but it costs us RM2.20!!

I love this little cute chicken which acts as a container to put spoons, forks and tissues. ^^

Iced Lemon Tea

Ipoh Bean Sprouts (small)

Grilled Butter Chicken (small)

The set is quite nice, I like the Grilled Butter Chicken n bean sprouts very much.I think the set is actually enough for 2 ppl ^^ It’s a good try~ =)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In KL, we can easily find Vietnam restaurant or Thai restaurant but not Myanmar restaurant. It's really my pleasure that my previous colleague at Leo's Cafe who is from Myanmar took me to the restaurant.

This Myanmar restaurant is called 'April'. As Myanmar new year is fallen on April, that's how the name comes from.
'Press this'I like this -- Myanmar special beef =)


Vege soup



For me, I feels that Myanmar food is similar like Chinese and Malay food. It looks no strangeness to me and I really love the strips of beef.

The shop is located at ss2, PJ and is a place for Myanmar workers to gather and taste Myanmar food during their off days. It is managed by Myanmar people and there was a bit weird when I 1st time step in the shop as there are all Myanmar people. I do not know whether they open for outsiders but according to my colleagues is yes.

I can't really remember the exact location as there is no any signboard showing that there is a Myanmar restaurant. I could only remember it is same row with England Optic and is situated at 2nd floor if not mistaken ^p^

It's really a good try for me and I hope got the chance to go again.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gasoline Cafe@ Sunway Pyramid

As far as I know, there is one Gasoline Café at Look Out Point, Cheras but I didn’t know that there is another one at Sunway Pyramid. Its outlook is really special at Sunway Pyramid, just like a ship. (Too pity that I forgot to take a photo =.=)

The design is nice where it makes it like every tables has its own room by separating out with clothes and wood and we were actually sitting on the floor. (A bit similar like Japanese restaurant) However, the lighting there is really really terrible that we even cant see the menu probably and need the help from our hp =.= I even need my friend’s camera flashlight to capture photos.

Lemon Tea (cold) @RM5.00

Lychee Rose Tea (cold) @RM5.00

Iced Longan @RM6.00

Café Mocha @RM6.50

French Style Fried Rice @RM6.50

Wrapped Fish & Egg with Veg. Rice @RM6.90

Butter Fillet Rice @RM6.90

Green Apple Chicken Rice @RM6.90

Overall, the food and environment there are good, just I hope the lighting there can be improved cuz it’s really hard for a food bloggor to take photos but it’s a suitable place for couple =p

Gasoline Café
Lot F1 Asian Avenue 135-139
1sr Floor Sunway Pyramid II
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
012-239 1419

Bao Bao Restaurant

Bao Bao Restaurant specifically sells ‘pan mee’, for Johor people, we call it ‘mian fen gao面粉糕’ =)

Me and my friend Mark decided to take their set lunch. The available time is from 12pm to 3pm.
Both of us chose set B @ RM7.30 which comes with pan mee and one drink (It’s cheap!~)

This is ‘六味冰’—‘six flavours ice’ cuz it’s made up from six different kinds of ingredients.

One of the reasons that I chose to dine in there is bcuz of its special chilies~~If u can eat spicy, u definitely have to try its chilies. As u can see, there are 4 types of chilies u can choose. For me, my favourite is number 1 n 3. ^^

Yeah, my favourite~ =p miss it much~~~

Q Bao Pork Chop (Dry)

Dry Curry Chicken (It’s new one!!)

Basically there are 3 types of pan mee that u can choose, which are the normal quite thick one, thin one or slice one.
Bao Bao has quite a number of branches but the one that I went to is in Sunway.
You really hv to try it~ strongly recommended ^^

No 15 Ground Floor, Jalan
Bandar Sunway 46150
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
016-216 7733

Bonny’s Kitchen@ Sri Hartamas

Bonny’s Kitchen is situated at Hartamas Shopping Centre. It sells all Hong Kong desserts which I really cannot stop myself from eating~ =p

The menu is simple but attractive and full with pictures that can let us know what that dessert look like.

Mango Special 心花露放@ RM10.00

The Mango Special is good at looking but it only taste like normal pudding. I felt like a bit not worth that costs RM10.00.

Durian Pancake@RM6.00

I really love this Durian Pancake!!!! It really tastes like durian~ and you can see that the shape and whole thing = DURIAN!

If you are a durian lover, u definitely have to try this out~ =)

OMG! I love this…

The benefits of having Hong Kong dessert~ ^^


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