Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh Sushi@ Mid Valley

Went for window shopping with Zack at Mid Valley and he felt like eating Japanese food. I searched the directory and found Oh Sushi, this name is new for me and I’d like to gv it a try.

However, when I reached, I found that I’d visited this restaurant b4 and the name was Nippon Yataimura that time. I just wondered when it changed the name…

And when I googled juznw only found out that actually Nippon Yataimura is owned by Oh Sushi Two(M) Sdn Bhd.

Nice and classy interior design

Love the fake bamboo and Tang Long

The Menu

As Zack miss Unagi so much, he couldn’t wait to order Unagi Bento for his lunch~

Unagi Bento @RM19

As for me, I juz took some sushi and curi makan his bento =p
I found that there are not many choices and honestly I am not satisfy much…



I like this~ Yummy!

ItalicGreen Tea

What remind me this restaurant is this cartoon!

Overall, I’d say the food here is ok. I prefer my last time visit (it was actually few yrs ago) but I really like the ambiance.

Unit G-098, Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Mega Mall.
Tel: 03-2284 1211

Sugar Dynasty Food Delight@ Penang

Following Zack n Joel going to Penang after NKF Charity Concert cuz they are the judges for Street Dance Competition which was held at Penang Times Squares. It was my 1st time visiting there but since it is juz opened, there are still not many shops.

During nite time, we were hanging around and suddenly I found this dessert shop. I told Zack that I felt like wanna drink tong shui and… yeah, we went for it~ =)

It is a very simple shop, no superior design but giving me cozy and home feeling.

I think everybody would like to try it, especially gals~ ^^

Herbal Jelly 龟苓糕 @RM3.00

The herbal jelly is very nice whereby you’d find it a bit bitter but it’s actually a very nice complex with honey.

Double Boiled Hasma with Ginseng 雪蛤红枣泡参 @RM6.90

I miss this as it’d been a very long time I din taste it… Used to drink this when I was young at home…
This is hot one oh cuz Zack thought it was cold initially =p

Nice experience at Penang~

Sugar Dynasty Food Delight
29 Nagore Road
10050 Georgetown

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng@ Sunway Pyramid

As preparing for the Girl Style performance for NKF Charity Concert, Melissa, Su Man, Suki and me need to buy the ‘bling bling’ clothes as per instructor request. We went for Sunway Pyramid to hunt for the clothes and after that sure it’s time for us to grab some food =)

It was already 10+ that time and most of the shops are closed and Su Man’s mum suggested to go to Wong Kok.

I din go to Wong Kok for quite a long time and now only I know they change the menu already. It looks so new to me~ =)

I ordered a daily value dinner set which came along with drinks (milk tea ice or coffee), soup (borsch or mushroom soup) and fruits. My choice at that night was ‘Crispy Chicken In Plum Sauce With Mix Vege. And Rice’. I really love the plum sauce as I love sour. Zack likes the sauce as well and always curi curi eat my chicken =p

Crispy Chicken In Plum Sauce With Mix Vege. And Rice @RM13.90

Milk Tea Ice

Borsch Soup


As Zack likes to eat fish, he ordered ‘Buna Shimeiji capelin fish with mixed vege and rice’. The fish is crispy and I quite like it as it looks very special to me~

Buna Shimeiji capelin fish with mixed vege and rice @RM9.80

As for Melissa, Su Man, Suki and aunty, they ordered few dishes to share.

Chicken chop in black pepper sauce with rice @RM8.90

I like black pepper sauce that’s y any dishes with black pepper is surely my favourite =)

Cheese baked rice with chicken chop @RM14.50

However, I don’t like cheese so I just ate a very little bit of this cheese baked rice. But according to them, this is quite nice~

Chicken ham roll with thousand island sauce @RM10.20

This appetizer is okok for me as I really cant rmb much the taste…

Mango milk-shake @RM8.50

Mango honeydew with sago @RM8.50

I was very happy that day cuz it was my 1st time going out with my new-known friends in Urban Groove. Some more the dinner was very nice and we really had a good chit-chat time. Finally, really need to thank Su Man and Suki’s mum to foot the bill. Thank u aunty! ^^

Lot OB.K4 C & D,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No 3, Jln PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel : 03-5636 2585

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge@ One Utama

I am a chocoholic but I always wont spend lots on chocolate(mainly reason is bcuz I’m quite poor =p). Due to I accidentally found a website that provide free voucher(20% off) for this Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, I sure won’t let this chance go away~ ^^

The Voucher~ ^^

The menu is sooooo attractive rite?? =)

Although I got the 20% off voucher, I still din order much food cuz really wanna save money recently as I started to work d…. =.=

Princess of Iceland@ RM10.90

There are so many chocolate drinks choices and I hardly decide which one to order. Finally, I order Princess of Iceland, a nice and tasty iced chocolate.

Pasta: Spicy Ginger Flower Fish Cake@ RM17.90

I also ordered a pasta by looking at the display photo of the menu but it actually din look that nice when it came. I’m a person who doesn’t like to eat cheese and luckily I din find any strong cheese smell in this dishes and I actually quite like the buttermilk =) There is no spicy or mayb it is a little bit of spicy but I really cant taste it…

Me and the food + beverages

Plenty of chocolates…

Chocolate cake & dessert~

Chocolate gift & souvenirs~

You can actually surf their website 1st b4 going cuz the website full with menu and price which I really love it!

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
Lot FK3, First Floor Highstreet,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
No 1,Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,Selangor.

Gerai Meng Kee Steam Soup 洺记炖汤@ Tmn Paramount

It was a night that we finished our 1st experience at PwC and we decided to go for dinner together. Lynn Say suggested going to Sea Park to have this steam soup.

As we arrived at around 8sth, most of the steam soups are sold out already. So, we took all the soups that left out and add some dishes.

Lotus Roots/Ribs/Groundnut 莲藕/排骨@ RM5.00

Arrow Root/Ribs 粉角/排骨@ RM4.00

Hor Sau Wu with Pork 何首乌/排骨@ RM6.00

Yellow Cucumber/Ribs 黄瓜/排骨@ RM4.00

Pak Choy Mushroom/Chicken 白菜/香菇@ RM5.00

All the soups are not bad but mayb we arrived too late and they are not really hot anymore and the choices are less.

Smooth Chicken-half @ RM14.00

I like the chicken cuz it is really smooth and the sauce is tasty as well. Yummy!!! ^^

Fish Paste White Tau Foo 鱼滑白豆腐@ RM5.00

Overall, the food is nice and the price is reasonable. It doesn’t has a proper shop lot but just beside the road like dai pai tong(大牌档).

Gerai Meng Kee Steam Soup
Stall No. 9, Jalan 20/16,
Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya.
(Adjacent Post Office)

Big Apple Donuts And Coffee

I almost forget to update this… It was about one month ago that I went to watch movie with Mark at One Utama and we had not enough time to take our dinner so we decided to grab something that can fill up our stomach 1st.

Mocha Liza

I’m a coffee lover so I chose ‘Mocha Liza’, a nice name rite? ^^

Kiwi Blitz

I like Big Apple Donuts bcuz the donuts are really soft and sweet~


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