Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canton Fare Xpress@ Kluang Mall

During my CNY at my lovely hometown- Kluang, my family went to this restaurant called Canton Fare Xpress for dinner. The concept of this restaurant is more or less same like Dragon-i, even the menu is alike. However, they call themselves ‘The King of Roasts’ which they are famous of their roast meat.

Since the roast meat are so famous, then we sure couldn’t miss it! We ordered Roast Pork and Soy Sauce Chicken.

Roast Pork
@ RM12.80 (S)
@ RM19.80 (L)

Soy Sauce Chicken
Quarter – Upper Quarter@ RM9.80
- Lower Quarter@ RM12.80


Cha Jiang Ramen@ RM11.80

Sichuan Hot and Sour Ramen@ RM11.80

Stir-Fried Seafood Ramen@ RM14.80

Seafood Fried Rice@ RM11.80

We felt that the ramen were not that nice if compare with Dragan-i, I would still prefer to have its roast meat instead of ramen next time.

Besides Kluang, it also got brances at KL, one is at Solaris and the other is at Plaza Damansara.

Canton Fare Xpress
Lot No LG-09, 10 &11,
Lower Ground Floor,
Kluang Mall, Jalan Rambutan,
86000, Kluang, Johor.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

La La Chong@ Kayu Ara Damansara

Roarrrr….Chinese New Year!!! Before we packing everything up to celebrate CNY, CWICS had our own dinner for celebration 1st ^^ My boss, Mr Wu chose to go to La La Chong for seafood and definitely it was a GOOD choice~

The 1st dish, the most important one, of course is ‘Lao Yee Sang’! Huat ah! =)

Yee Sang@ RM38.00

Chinese people love it most during CNY bcuz it brings prosperity ~


Tang Hoon@ RM10.00

Prawn@ RM52.00

Salt Egg Crab@ RM45.00

Lala@ RM22.00

Crab@ RM45.00

Vege@ RM14.00

Vege@ RM14.00

Fish@ RM35.00

Sotong@ RM17.00

Dessert-Pudding@ RM3.00

Full of people…

All of us~ Thx to our boss for a great dinner ^^

La La Chong Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13556, Jln Cempaka,
Kayu Ara Damansara,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03- 7728 1906

Monday, February 8, 2010

Calorie @Sri Petaling

This post is actually combined two times of my visits. Due to working, I always need to go to Sri Petaling and hence I found this restaurant. I was attracted by its name called ‘Calorie’, my instinct told me that the food are healthy~

The Menu

They offer quite a lot of set meals which came along with a free drink: Lemon Sea Coconut, Lemon Longan or Rice Ball.

I ordered Pork Rib with Fish Ball Rice (湖南盅仔饭) and Lemon Sea Coconut.

Lemon Sea Coconut

Pork Rib with Fish Ball Rice (湖南盅仔饭)@ RM10.50

I personally like the pork rib cuz it was very soft and tasty. It will not too salty but just nice!

FT ordered Braised Chicken Drumstick with Egg Rice (金牌卤汁全腿饭) and Lemon Longan.

Lemon Longan

Braised Chicken Drumstick with Egg Rice@ RM10.90

It looked delicious with the drumstick and egg. Nice also~~

That was my 1st visit with FT and the following was the 2nd visit with FT and Carol.

As Carol is a health cautious person, she ordered Calorie’s Vegetable Soup and hot Honey Lemon.

Hot Honey Lemon@ RM2.50

Calorie’s Vegetable Soup@ RM4.80

The soup was really healthy bcuz got lots of vege inside. If you like the original taste of vege soup, you shouldn’t miss this~

FT and I would like to try its famous dish – Pork Chop with Pumpkin. As it was quite big portion, we decided to share one.

Pork Chop with Pumpkin@ RM14.90

Undeniable, that was really tasty. Besides the pork chop and rice, you can eat the whole pumpkin as well! And it was sweet~~

Frankly speaking, the pork chop with pumpkin can really be shared by two people cuz by the time you finish eating the whole pumpkin, you are already full. Unfortunately, FT and I were too rush to order a Calorie Toast before we finish eating the pumpkin and this cause us ended up too full….

Calorie Toast@ RM4.90

3 pieces of breads with ham and cheese inside

The Calorie Toast was not bad. Good try~

Chrysanthemum Flos Honey@ RM2.50

Overall, the food are nice, services are good with reasonable price.

77, Jalan Radin Tengah,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling.
Tel: 03- 9057 6611

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kim Gary@ Sunway Pyramid (2nd Visit)

There was a gathering after Zack and I left UG. As usual, we met at Sunway Pyramid to have a dinner. Due to working, I arrived a bit late and they were already at Kimgary. I wished to try something new rather than just rice and noodles. I heard that its Pork Chop Burger in Macau is not bad and I wish to have a try.

Pork Chop Burger in Macau@ RM6.50

I was disappointed with its outlook when it was served. There was no any deco or side dishes like coleslaw and French fries but JUST a single burger.

U can see the pork chop was dry with ‘not enough’ sauce. There was no vege also…

Luckily, my drinks delighted me~ I ordered Kiwi Snow Mellow. It was much better than my last time order – Red Bean Snow Mountain

Kiwi Snow Mellow@ RM4.50

Most of my friends made same orders, which were Kimgary’s famous set—Hong Kong Style Baked Rice with Cheese and Korean Style Hot & Spicy Noodles.

For the Baked Rice with Cheese, it came along with Borsch or Cream Soup, dessert, and drinks coffee or tea.

Hong Kong Style Baked Rice with Cheese – Fish Fillet@ RM16.90

Borsch Soup

Cream Soup



For Hot & Spicy Noodles, it came along with Kim Chi and drinks with coffee or tea also.

Korean Style Hot & Spicy Noodles – Chicken Wings@ RM11.90

Hot Coffee

French Toast @RM4.50

Fresh Watermelon Juice@ RM4.50

Honey Lemon

A nice gathring! Great to meet u all =)


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