Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Dinner@Ritch Cafe, Kluang

Merry X'mas~! I believe everyone had a great and wonderful Christmas! =) Although this was my first time celebrated Christmas at Kluang after so many years, I'm grateful that I had my lovely colleagues and students companion. This means a lot to me ^^

X'mas dinner for 20 peoples ^^
Christmas Set Menu of the day~

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Fresh Tomato Soup

Drinks of the set - Orange Juice

Turkey Steak@RM39.90

The Turkey Steak tasted good~
The meat is not too hard and the sauce is just perfect to be there.

Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa@RM35.90

Salmon is well known at Ritch Cafe but according to my friend, he claimed that salmon on that day was not so nice as usual maybe because of the rush and peak hour on Christmas Day.

Beef Stew with Red Wine Sauce@RM39.90

Garlic Bread for Beef Stew

The Beef Stew is delicious~!! I love this! The meat is really soft, and with the companion of red wine sauce is so wonderful and sumptuous. Yummy! However, if they could provide more garlic bread would be perfect as there was only two slices of garlic bread for one set of Beef Stew.

New Zealand Tenderloin Steak@RM42.90

The steak is a cool stuff too. Who doesn't like Tenderloin Steak? ^^

BBQ Chicken@RM22.90

The BBQ Chicken was not bad but it was a bit hard to eat cuz the bone was not removed.

Overall, we did enjoy our dinner but some complained that the food was not that delicious as usual and the food was not hot when it was served. We believed that it is all because they need to rush for too many Christmas Set and that's why the quality of the food on that day is actually dropped.

Girls on the day~

Guys on the day~

Lastly, thanks for organizing this X'mas dinner~! Love u all

Ritch Cafe
8 Jalan Duku, Haji Manan,
Kluang 86000 Johor.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

金旭屋Kinsahi Ya@JB Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah

Craving for Japanese food at Johor? 金旭屋 Kinsahi Ya is a good choice for you ^^ There are plenty of branches at Johor Bahru - Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah, Plaza Pelangi, Aeon Jusco Tebrau City, Sutera Mall, City Square and Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi.


The interior - cozy & decent =)

One of the famous and special Maki(卷寿司) there is Imperial Ebi Maki卧虎藏龙 and you really shouldn't miss it! Each ebi maki is covered by slice of mango and the fragrant of mango is left in your mouth after u eat the maki. Oyishi!!!!! xD

Imperial Ebi Maki卧虎藏龙@RM29.90

Soft shell crab is one of my favourite too. The name of Spider King Ramen attracted me. =)

Spider King Ramen蜘蛛王拉面@RM19.90

Beside ala-cart, they also provide set meal like any other Japanese restaurant.

Ramen Gyoza Set拉面锅贴套餐@RM15.90

There are two pieces of fried chicken on top of the ramen too =) Nice one!

Gyoza~ ***Remember to eat it while it is hot!***

Curry Maki Set日式咖哩寿司卷套餐@RM20.90

Always like the fragrant of Japanese Curry, it is so different from our local curry~

Maki that come along with the set =) Yummy~

Shake Zosui日式三文鱼粥@RM15.90

The porridge

Salmon ^^

My first time trying porridge + salmon. Actually nothing special, you can choose to eat the salmon by raw or make it hot by putting it in your porridge. Still, a good trying for me. =)

Overall, I enjoy myself and satisfy with the service there. Food is tasty and fresh with affordable price.

JB Aeon Jusco Bukit Indah:
Lot F09,
AEON Bukit Indah Shopping Centre
No.8, Jalan Indah 15/2,
Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru,
Johor Darul Takzim.
Tel: 07-235 8087
Fax:07-236 8087

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ritch Cafe@Kluang

First of all, sorry for not updating my blog for so long~ As I'm no longer stay at KL, I'm gonna introduce some nice food at my hometown -- Kluang. =) Ritch Cafe is one of the popular restaurant, serving Authentic Western Cuisine.
As you can see, the restaurant does not use Pork or Lard in its dishes. So, this is a Halal restaurant. =)

Two cute little chef, containing salt & pepper ^^

I like the cozy interior design =)
Hot Honey Lemon@RM4.90, Coke with Lemon@RM3.90

Garlic Toast@RM4.90

I like the garlic toast, very crispy and crunchy. YUMMY!

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce@RM12.90

The meat is really soft and juicy. It tastes good with the black pepper sauce but it will be better if it was served with some fries as the salad dressing not really tastes well.

Spicy (Shredded) Garlic Chicken Pasta@RM16.90

If you are my loyal blog reader, you will know that I'm not a cheese lover but spicy lover! Haha... So, everytime I choose pasta sure will not choose creamy & cheesy but SPICY! LOL^^ I personally like this pasta, it tastes good with the spices along. The portion is quite big and I couldn't finish it by myself~!

Overall, the food is delicious with affordable price. Nice atmosphere which suitable for couple, friends or even family gathering. =) Do remember to drop by Ritch Cafe the next time you are in Kluang, I think it won't disappoint you. ^^

Ritch Cafe
8 Jalan Duku, Haji Manan,
Kluang 86000 Johor.


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