Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kim Gary@ Sunway Pyramid (2nd Visit)

There was a gathering after Zack and I left UG. As usual, we met at Sunway Pyramid to have a dinner. Due to working, I arrived a bit late and they were already at Kimgary. I wished to try something new rather than just rice and noodles. I heard that its Pork Chop Burger in Macau is not bad and I wish to have a try.

Pork Chop Burger in Macau@ RM6.50

I was disappointed with its outlook when it was served. There was no any deco or side dishes like coleslaw and French fries but JUST a single burger.

U can see the pork chop was dry with ‘not enough’ sauce. There was no vege also…

Luckily, my drinks delighted me~ I ordered Kiwi Snow Mellow. It was much better than my last time order – Red Bean Snow Mountain

Kiwi Snow Mellow@ RM4.50

Most of my friends made same orders, which were Kimgary’s famous set—Hong Kong Style Baked Rice with Cheese and Korean Style Hot & Spicy Noodles.

For the Baked Rice with Cheese, it came along with Borsch or Cream Soup, dessert, and drinks coffee or tea.

Hong Kong Style Baked Rice with Cheese – Fish Fillet@ RM16.90

Borsch Soup

Cream Soup



For Hot & Spicy Noodles, it came along with Kim Chi and drinks with coffee or tea also.

Korean Style Hot & Spicy Noodles – Chicken Wings@ RM11.90

Hot Coffee

French Toast @RM4.50

Fresh Watermelon Juice@ RM4.50

Honey Lemon

A nice gathring! Great to meet u all =)

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