Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kissaten@ Jaya One

Okie, lunch time again~ And this time, it’s a Jaya One post too ^^

We noticed this restaurant at Jaya One bcuz it has nice banner & bunting showing their good food and can’t forget the recommendation of other food bloggers.

The Menu

They got indoor and outdoor seat but we prefer to hv an indoor seat bcuz it was still noon plus we are non-smoker. The interior is decent and clean, very comfortable but it is not that spacious.

Carol ordered Shoyu Ramen Set which consists of Shoyu Ramen, Yaki Gyoza and Green Tea. The set is RM20.80 for lunch and RM22.80 for dinner.

Shoyu Ramen

I am a super ‘egg-lover’, thus I couldn’t help myself to stop capturing this although this is not mine >.< Yaki Gyoza (dumpling)

-This is quite nice but I advice to eat it when it is served. This is bcuz we left it to the last and it was cold so not that nice~

FT and I are food hunters so we ordered much more to share~ ^^

We ordered Oyster Fried Set which came along with Oyster Fried, Japanese Rice, Cawanmushi, Miso Soup and Green Tea. The set is RM26.80 for lunch and RM28.80 for dinner.

Oyster Fried


Oyster Fried Set

The set is nice, the oyster are fresh and not really oily. It was a good start~

From food bloggers, they always recommend its Char Siew Pizza and sure I would like to try it out!

Char Siew Pizza@ RM23.90

Well, the pizza is special and nice but that is not a must order item for me.

Green Tea

Overall, this is really a nice restaurant and I’m happy that I tried cuz I definitely will go back next time!

L12-1-1, Palm Square,
Jaya One, PJ.
Tel: 03- 7954 1990

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