Saturday, September 29, 2012

Samurai Beef Burger@McDonald's

Have you tried the latest product of McDonald's? The mighty taste of Japan: Samurai Beef Burger, Sakura McFizz and Katsu Curry McShaker~! ❤

Well, there is a funny story of mine to try this new product. I must say this new product is really very popular at Kluang because it is always out of stock~! @@

The first time I went to try at around 10.30pm, the staff said no more Samurai Beef Burger but only left Sakura McFizz and Katsu Curry McShaker :( No choice, we only could order Ayam Goreng and changed our drinks and fries to the new one.

The Katsu Curry McShaker Fries is actually normal fries mix with the curry powder. The instruction of mix and shake the fries is printed on the paper bag of fries. It is fun to shake the fries ! :) I love the flavor of the Katsu Curry, just a little bit too salty. 

And for the Sakura McFizz, it is actually a refreshing fusion of Ribena and Sprite~ Hmm.. Not bad :)

Okay, that was my first time trying. For the second time I ordered, I was told that there was no more McFizz and McShaker but yes, the Samura Beef Burger got stock! Gosh, I finally can taste the new burger but I can't have the full set!!! It was actually very disappointing but fortunately I still had the beef burger ><

I didn't really enjoy my first bite of Samura Beef Burger as I found the taste of the beef is too strong. However, the more I ate, I found it was really taste good! Haha~ the beef is dipped in sweet Teriyaki sauce with fresh lettuce. It is very juicy and I like it so much! ^^ ❤
You must try it now cuz it is just for a limited time! Get your Samurai Beef Burger set at any McD outlet now! Enjoy~! ❤ ^^

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