Friday, May 15, 2009

Zhia's Kitchen Restaurant@ Sunway Pyramid

Zhia's Kitchen Restaurant is located at Sunway Pyramid which serves home cook food. Mark recommended me this chinese restaurant when we tried to find somewhere dinner near Sunway.

Chrysanthemum Ginseng

Jasmine Green Tea

Crispy Chicken with Cereal and Rice

The chicken is really cripsy and full with cereal. It is just a normal home cook dishes but it tastes good and I like cereal~ =)
Thai Style Chicken with Rice

Thai Style Chicken is good in taste as well. Just like other thai style food, it is a bit of spicy + sweet + sour. As I like spicy and sour, this really suits my choice.

Overall, it is a typical chinese restaurant with home cook food. If you are away from your hometown just like me, you can go there to try their home cook food ^^ The ambiance of the restaurant is nice and the staffs are friendly as well. The price is reasonable where each person is around 10bucks and is considered quite cheap.

Zhia's Kitchen Restaurant
Sunway Pyramid.


Bronwyn, said...

I loved especially the "fresh mango ice blended" at Zhias Kitchen Restaurant that I went back again later for another! I was there on the 6th of May this year (2009).

Good service, great decor, delicious food & drinks, I recommend Zhias.

Our waiter was Kelvin.

SiN P3i said...

oh really?ok,next time i wanna try it ^^


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