Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sakae Sushi@Sunway Pyramid

Thinking for dinner again..Still, v headed to Sunway Pyramid...
Japanese food is always the 1st choice for Zack and thus he brought me to Sakae Sushi...

Like this interior~


Our favourite appetizer~ @RM5.90



Hot Green Tea@ RM2.00

Zack's favourite

For main dishes, unagi is a must for Zack! Thus, he chose Unagi Kamameshi- River eel with shimeji mushroom & japanese omelete while Kamameshi is a traditional Japanese rice dish cooked in an iron pot.

Unagi Kamameshi@ RM17.90

Zack complaints the portion is too small for him =p

I seldom try Japanese noodles except Udon, thus I'd like to try out its Soba. Udon and Soba are noodles made from wheat flour and buckwheat which make a healthy meal. I ordered Tenzaru Cha Soba with assorted tempura.

Tenzaru Cha Soba@ RM16.90

The noodles are cold one and I think most of Malaysian would not use to the taste as we love hot and spicy food~ ^^


I was quite disappointing with the tempura as it was a bit cold and it really couldn't satisfy me. Sigh...

Overall, the ambiance is nice, the food is good, just mayb there were too many customers and the service was not that good.

Sakae Sushi
Sunway Pyramid


Shaun Ling Gen Sheng said...

hi, im just a visitor, the foods are so delicious ^_^ looking forward to try it out

SiN P3i said...

hi..thx for visiting my blog~ I'm juz a starter also..will keep on trying the new food ^^

Sinh Khuong said...

Hello, normal girl with big dream :D I thought I was out if I could not see your presentation at blog. You're like me, I'm normal boy with big dream @_@

You should add Vietnamese food into your blog :) Do you know Pho of Vietnam ? It's so popular in US, Japan, Korea and others, I'm going to present it in my blog if I have more free time, my blog is about Vietnamese culture ;) I will follow your blog ^^

SiN P3i said...

Yo,thx~ I nvr try Pho of Vietnam but I tried some vietnam restaurant b4 like Vietnam's Kitchen,Little Vietnam and Codo...Just that time I still haven started to write food blog =p


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