Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun Taipei Teacafe@ SS2

Lunch time again~ Wondering where to go for lunch at SS2 and finally me n FT went to Fun Taipei which we wanted to go since long. I like its Chinese name, 趣台北 which has similar sound with ‘go taipei’.

The staffs are friendly and explained to us what kinds of food are there when we didn’t understand.

The Menu

I ordered Minced Meat Rice Set (鲁肉饭套餐), which came along with minced meat rice, toufu, vege, egg and soup. The set is nice and tasty.

Minced Meat Rice Set (鲁肉饭套餐)@ RM9.95

Minced Meat Rice

As for FT, she chose 3 Cups Sauce Chicken Rice Set (三杯鸡套餐), which came along with chicken with 3 different kinds of sauces, toufu, vege and soup.

3 Cups Sauce Chicken Rice Set@ RM14.50


Red Plum Juice@ RM3.50
*Add Pearl – RM1.00

Ice Jelly (爱玉冰) @ RM2.80

Great lunch set! Should go for a try for Taiwan food~ One more thing is good of eating there is no any tax charges! ^^

Here are the addresses for all 3 branches:

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Charles said...

Great..i simply love to dine in restaurant which do not tax their customer...


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