Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baso Sapi Asli@ Sunway

I knew about this restaurant for quite a long time cuz I always go Sunway and saw this big signboard showing ‘BASO’.

In Indonesian, Baso means beef ball soup and they always mix beehoon inside. I knew about ‘baso’ bcuz Zack love to eat it. Wherever he goes Indo restaurant he sure will order baso but he said the best baso in KL is at Subang, his old apartment there. I hope I still got the chance to eat again so that I can blog it~ ^^

It looked empty bcuz it was quite late at around 11pm and they almost closed.

We were told that their beef ball is the specialist bcuz it was handmade.

Baso Sapi Asli@ RM6.50

I tried its beef ball and it was true that it was different and nice~

Sauces for baso


The taste is not that good, I still miss the stall one at Subang. ..

Basi Sapi Asli
42-1, Ground Floor,
Jalan PJS8/2,
Sunway Mentari Plaza.

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