Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid (2nd Visit)

Outing with NFT!!~ Lol~ Dunno y we suddenly got a plan to go for eating n watching movie at Sunway Pyramid. There are so many restaurants there but we chose Bubba Gump. This was my 2nd visit cuz that time I didn’t try its shrimps! Bubba Gump 1st visit :)

Well, drinks 1st~ FT opted for Run Forrest Run while I chose Mango Sparkler.

Run Forrest Run@ RM11.90
Blended of fresh oranges, strawberries, bananas and non-fat raspberry frozen yogurt.

Wow, you really can feel lots of mix fruits inside this drink but when there is banana, it always has the strong taste!

Mango Sparkler@ 11.90
Mango, Lemonade, Orange Juice and Lemon-Lime.
A nice fresh drink!

Our drinks~

Now go for our Shrimps!! Haha, we ordered Shrimper’s Heaven~! A perfect choice for shrimp lover as it got 4 flavours of shrimps – coconut shrimp, chilly shrimp, fried shrimp and tempura shrimp.

Shrimper’s Heaven@ RM44.90

Coconut Shrimp~~
This is the nicest and they only got three! Luckily there were only three of us~ :p

Chilly Shrimp~~
Honestly, it didn’t taste like chilly shrimp but garlic shrimp. They were cold but I like it!

Fried shrimp

Tempura shrimp

All the Shrimps~~~Yummy~

Not forgetting the fries & sauces....

Bourbon Street Baramundi@RM29.90
Charbroiled Cajun spiced Baramundi with Bourbon Street Sauce and Shrimp,
served over Mashed Potatoes

I found this just so-so~~ Bcuz I dun really like this kind of creamy stuff but nice try too :)

Us with the foods~~

Of course we wont end it without dessert! We ordered That Chocolate Thing~ A weird but creative name^^

That Chocolate Thing@RM16.90
A special jar of warm flourless Chocolate Cake, topped with Vanilla Ice-cream and Whipped Cream,and drizzled with a Raspberry Sauce.

Well. if you got a lots of frens to share this, it would be very nice cuz the portion is quite big. We couldn't finish it and the cake inside became not really nice....

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner. It's really a nice restaurant with nice deco.Let's check out some photos....

The Bar

I like cute~~

Bubba Gump
Sunway Pyramid


jfook said...

Looks delicious. Must try when I go to SUnway Pyramid.

SiN P3i said...

Ya Jfook,u must try it! hehe.. ^^

kumfye said...

bubba gump very expensive man food...

SiN P3i said...

hm..ya,it's a bit expensive but I think it's worth to try ^^

roziwong said...

Thank you for visiting Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and for doing a review on us. Love the photos that you took. Do look me up when you come visit next! (I'm Rozi, the Marketing Manager for Bubba Gump Shrimp Co). Hope you had a good time over at Bubba Gump!

SiN P3i said...

Hi Rozi,
really thx for visiting and left a comment here :)
will keep on supporting~~

Rackell said...

I really love to eat at Bubba Gump.. Run Forest Run!!! btw, please follow my blog also.. thank..


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