Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mill Wheel Ice Café炮兵冰品专买店@Kepong

If you are ‘ice-lover’, then you shall not miss this Mill Wheel Ice Café at Kepong. When I went into the shop, I was wondering why there were those ‘wok’ on customer table as I thought that is a shop of ice. I browsed the menu and only realized they got Big Wok Snow! I was totally attracted by its Big Wok Snow and I wanted to try the Chocolate Wok.

Chocolate Wok@ RM10.90

The Big Wok Snow was really served in a very big portion. Three scopes of chocolate ice-cream on the top with the Mango flavor snow. You can also find corn-flakes on top of it. The snow is very smooth and it is just nice! However, here is a gentle reminder that it will a hard to be finished by one person cuz it is really too big~!!

Lychee Snow@ RM4.90

The Lychee Snow is not bad too, the sweetness is just fine.

Triple Mix Plate(Regular)@ RM5.50

A very normal mix plate~ Prefer their snow ice =)

The design of the shop is very cute, small size of tables and chairs, good enough to welcome kids~

Feel free to drop by if you want something sweet and cute ^^

Mill Wheel Ice Café炮兵冰品专买店
72, Metro Perdana Barat 2,
Taman Usahawan,
Tel: 03-6250 5910

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