Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Hut@Kuchai Lama

I'm not really familiar with Kuchai Lama, my friend brought me to this dessert shop called 'Sweet Hut'. The 1st impression of this shop to me is another 'My Honeymoon'.

'Sweet Hut'~

Browsing the menu, I wish to find something special that can really attract me and I found Coconut Pudding with Cookies Ice-cream.

Coconut Pudding with Cookies Ice-cream曲奇雪糕椰果子@RM9.80+

I like the appearance of the dessert, the pudding which is inside the coconut got the fragrance of coconut and I enjoy the ice-cream on the top~

Cool chilling dessert~

The pudding

We also ordered Milk Almond Pudding and Mango with Sago Pomelo Soup but the taste was just so-so.

Milk Almond Pudding and Mango with Sago Pomelo Soup

Baked Mini Spain Egg Tart@RM6.50+

Overall,I'd say it is just normal and it is kinda pricey. I don't think there will be 2nd time for me~ So guys, judge yourselves.....

Sweet Hut
19-G, Kuchai Dynasty Central,
Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 KL.

*Price is subjected to 5% government tax.

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