Monday, September 27, 2010

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge@ Pavillion

This was my 2nd visit to Theobroma Chocolate Lounge when my sis came to KL to find me. You can click here to see my 1st review. =)

I am always a chocolate lover although this sinful chocolate can make me fat! >.<
Iceberg Lady@ RM10.90 -Milk Chocolate Float

Fair Lady Frappe@ RM12.90 -Belgian Milk Chocolate Frappe

Ms Coco Frappe@ RM12.90 -Belgian Dark Chocolate Frappe

Our Belgian Chocolate Drinks~ ^^

For me, I still prefer my Ms Coco Frappe~!! It is very rich and not too sweet if compared with the other two.

As my sis not feeling very well, she ordered something hot.

Honeydew Green Tea@ RM9.90

We also ordered something sweet to eat~ =)

Chocolate Chips & Sultana Crepe@ RM15.90

Love this! The crepe with the chocolate inside is superb. Enjoying the melting chocolate inside my mouth~! So yummy ^^

Besides the drinks and food, let us check out the chocolate itself….

Here is the list of chocolate that we bought:

Dark Merlion – RM4.90
Frogs-Dark – RM4.90
Red Rose – RM5.90
Cappuccino Cups (Mini) – RM5.90
Hazelnut Squares – RM5.90
Leaf (Peppermint) – RM5.90
Hazelnut Nougatine – RM5.90
Cinnamon Truffle – RM5.90
Double Mocha Truffle – RM5.90
Choc. D.W. Almond(Milk) – RM3.90
Cherry Ripe Heart – RM5.90
Turtles – RM4.90

Overall, the chocolate taste good and just nice, but not every chocolate impress me much.

Red Rose made by white chocolate…

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
Lot C4.C5.02, Level 4,

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