Thursday, December 23, 2010


It’s time to eat Tong Yuen again~! Yesterday was Winter Solstice Festival, a day for family to gather. So sad that I was not at home for few years to celebrate this festival, but I not forget to have some Tong Yuen (Rice Balls) ^^

My friend and I went to甜品哥哥 Hong Kong at SS2 and it was really crowded during this festival. We planned to take away but while waiting, we managed to get our seats so we decided to eat there instead.

I’m a person who sticks to traditional ginger soup always~! And one of the reason I love Tong Yuen is because I love ginger soup. LOL~! So, I ordered Ginger Soup with Sesame & Peanut Rice Balls.

Ginger Soup with Sesame & Peanut Rice Balls@RM6.00

Sesame Tong Yuen

Peanut Tong Yuen

As for my friend, Mark who always like to try new and special thing, opt for Fresh Milk + Sweet Rice Balls.

Fresh Milk + Sweet Rice Balls@RM7.50

We enjoyed our Tong Yuen and I hope that everyone had their Tong Yuen yesterday too~! =)
Happy Winter Solstice Festival~!

甜品哥哥Hong Kong
36, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/63,
47300 Petaling Jaya.

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Y E N C H E N G said...

ohh god the Fresh Milk + Sweet Rice Balls sounds really nice :) ought to try next time


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