Sunday, December 12, 2010

Xian Ding Wei鲜定味@One Utama

Xian Ding Wei, the Taiwanese Tea Room has more and more branches nowadays. My friend NFT recommended this restaurant and we visited one of the branches when we dropped by One Utama.

I like the design of the interior, very tidy and cozy.

What To Eat?

Special Chili Sauce but not really suit my taste

NFT recommended the Mixed Fruit Tea that can be shared by both of us. =) The taste is quite nice and special.

Mixed Fruit Tea(Cold)@RM5.90

There was a must order item for NFT – Sweet Potato Ball~! It is really very nice and good to chew. =) It may look like a ping pong ball but it soon turns ‘kemek’ when you put it into your mouth. =)

Sweet Potato Ball台湾地瓜球 @RM5.90

Again, I ordered Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in 3 varieties of Sauces (三杯鸡) because I think that it is the signature dish for Taiwanese.

Taiwanese Supreme Chicken in 3 varieties of Sauces

It didn’t disappoint me. The fragrant of the food impressed me when it was served. The chicken was well cooked; the meat was soft and good in taste. Thumbs up~!

NFT chose another tasty dish too – Fried Pork Chop With Wine Set.

Fried Pork Chop With Wine Set红槽炸猪排套餐@RM18.90

The pork chop was crispy and I like its minced meat rice. =)

Each set comes along with this appetizer.

The leftover fruits in our drinks.

A nice restaurant with good quality of food, you shall give it a try if you like Taiwanese food. =)

Xian Ding Wei鲜定味
G360, Ground Floor,
One Utama.
Tel: 03-7725 3822

*The price is subjected to 5% of gov tax & 10% of service charges.

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