Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe@One Utama

I believe that most of the people notice the beautiful restaurant at One Utama with garden theme. This Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe has been operated for few years and now even got few outlets at The Curve, Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley. Many people including me are attracted by its beautiful setting and vibrant atmosphere.

We are welcomed by a big classic piano and flowers. From its website, at centre stage a grand piano is providing the melodic charms~ =)

Surrounded by flowers, you will really think that you are in a garden rather than a restaurant. =) And I do like the decoration. We settled our order with the Weekday Lunch Specials. Sorry for the late update as the lunch set was only valid until 31 May 2011. However, they always promote lunch set, just the main course will be changed after few months.

Two lunch sets are selected, which are Chicken Teriyaki and Spaghetti Marinara, both come with Iced Lemon Tea with the price of RM15.90.

Chicken Teriyaki
I love this Chicken Teriyaki TOO MUCH~!! It is served with French beans and mashed potatoes with delicious Teriyaki sauce. Thumb up!!

Spaghetti Marinara
The Spaghetti Marinara is served with prawns, clams, half shell mussels in a tomato & basil sauce with cheese powder on top.

Iced Lemon Tea
Overall, the food there is satisfying and price is affordable. No harm to give it a try, you can enjoy the chilling atmosphere with a cup tea in the break time. =)

Let's have a look of some photos of the cafe:

Photos taken with iPhone too:

Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe
Lot LG-308C, Lower Ground Floor,

One Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Persiaran Bandar Utama, PJ


Nava.K said...

been here a couple of times, love the beautiful ambiance, the food - it depends on what you order.

Dian Hafini Yusoff said...

The have a new branch at alamanda..


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