Thursday, August 18, 2011

Uncle Frog 小青蛙甜品小吃馆@Kluang

Normally, my food blog always talk about KL or PJ food, now let me introduce one of my favourite dessert and snack place at my hometown, Kluang. =) The name of this place is quite interesting, I believe kids will like it - Uncle Frog小青蛙甜品小吃馆.

My sister and I just went there for some dessert, so we didn't order much food. My sister opted for the signature Uncle Frog Ice Kacang. She said she like ice kacang here most because they only put gula melaka instead of other colouring.

Uncle Frog Ice Kacang@RM4.50

As for me, I prefer sour than sweet so I chose Sour Sop Snow.

Sour Sop Snow@RM6.90

I like the beautiful decoration of the dessert, it shows that they not only emphasis the quality of food but also the appearance.

We also ordered some Chicken Dumplings to share.

Chicken Dumplings(5Pcs)@RM4.90

I like the dumplings much as the wrapper is not thick and the meat is just taste good.

If you happen to come to Kluang, you have to go there for nice dessert and snack. =)

Uncle Frog小青蛙甜品小吃馆
9, Jalan Langsat,
86000 Kluang, Johor.

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