Friday, December 11, 2009

Face to Face Noodle House@ Bandar Sunway

I knew this shop long time ago but nvr hv the chance to try it. That was a day when I still at UG for dance class, Melissa brought me to this shop to grab some food as we were really hungry after dancing ^^

chilies & sambals^^ a must for pan mee!

However, I still prefer Bao Bao

House Specialty Hot & Spicy Pan Mee(Dry)@ RM5.30

I tried its House Specialty Hot & Spicy Pan Mee(Dry) but I cant find ANY chilies inside =.= and I had to put the chilies myself, weird =.=

Braised Pork Pan Mee(Dry)@ RM5.30

It's a not bad choice for a simple lunch or dinner but it doesn't really impress me much.

Here are the branches:

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