Friday, June 12, 2009

Station One

As just moved to new house n not install any internet connection yet, I always go to Station One to use its Wifi. ^^

Wulong Tea – Hot @RM1.30

My favorite Wulong Tea, always go there and order this one cuz it's cheap =p

Red Bean Passion @RM7.50
I like this~~


Not really like this..It supposes to be green apple blended smoothies but the ice is completely no taste..=.= u can see that the ice is just 'ice'...

Banana Milk Shake@RM7.50

This is quite nice..not bad ^^


Sengleng said...

station 1 drinks suck!!

Amber said...

yea.. even their services suck too...


Amber said...

yea... their services too!!


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