Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bonny’s Kitchen@ Sri Hartamas

Bonny’s Kitchen is situated at Hartamas Shopping Centre. It sells all Hong Kong desserts which I really cannot stop myself from eating~ =p

The menu is simple but attractive and full with pictures that can let us know what that dessert look like.

Mango Special 心花露放@ RM10.00

The Mango Special is good at looking but it only taste like normal pudding. I felt like a bit not worth that costs RM10.00.

Durian Pancake@RM6.00

I really love this Durian Pancake!!!! It really tastes like durian~ and you can see that the shape and whole thing = DURIAN!

If you are a durian lover, u definitely have to try this out~ =)

OMG! I love this…

The benefits of having Hong Kong dessert~ ^^

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