Wednesday, June 10, 2009


In KL, we can easily find Vietnam restaurant or Thai restaurant but not Myanmar restaurant. It's really my pleasure that my previous colleague at Leo's Cafe who is from Myanmar took me to the restaurant.

This Myanmar restaurant is called 'April'. As Myanmar new year is fallen on April, that's how the name comes from.
'Press this'I like this -- Myanmar special beef =)


Vege soup



For me, I feels that Myanmar food is similar like Chinese and Malay food. It looks no strangeness to me and I really love the strips of beef.

The shop is located at ss2, PJ and is a place for Myanmar workers to gather and taste Myanmar food during their off days. It is managed by Myanmar people and there was a bit weird when I 1st time step in the shop as there are all Myanmar people. I do not know whether they open for outsiders but according to my colleagues is yes.

I can't really remember the exact location as there is no any signboard showing that there is a Myanmar restaurant. I could only remember it is same row with England Optic and is situated at 2nd floor if not mistaken ^p^

It's really a good try for me and I hope got the chance to go again.

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