Thursday, July 23, 2009

Gerai Meng Kee Steam Soup 洺记炖汤@ Tmn Paramount

It was a night that we finished our 1st experience at PwC and we decided to go for dinner together. Lynn Say suggested going to Sea Park to have this steam soup.

As we arrived at around 8sth, most of the steam soups are sold out already. So, we took all the soups that left out and add some dishes.

Lotus Roots/Ribs/Groundnut 莲藕/排骨@ RM5.00

Arrow Root/Ribs 粉角/排骨@ RM4.00

Hor Sau Wu with Pork 何首乌/排骨@ RM6.00

Yellow Cucumber/Ribs 黄瓜/排骨@ RM4.00

Pak Choy Mushroom/Chicken 白菜/香菇@ RM5.00

All the soups are not bad but mayb we arrived too late and they are not really hot anymore and the choices are less.

Smooth Chicken-half @ RM14.00

I like the chicken cuz it is really smooth and the sauce is tasty as well. Yummy!!! ^^

Fish Paste White Tau Foo 鱼滑白豆腐@ RM5.00

Overall, the food is nice and the price is reasonable. It doesn’t has a proper shop lot but just beside the road like dai pai tong(大牌档).

Gerai Meng Kee Steam Soup
Stall No. 9, Jalan 20/16,
Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya.
(Adjacent Post Office)


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